Cecilia Kaufman


Assistant Director of Occupational Safety | Korey Stringer Institute

Cecilia Kaufman joined the Korey Stringer Institute as a Graduate Assistant in the Fall of 2021 and currently serves as the Assistant Director of Occupational Safety. Her current research interests include examining wearable technology to monitor core body temperature, psychosocial factors following injury, advocating for the Athletic Trainer's role in healthcare, and thermal stress surrounding the physically active population- including athletes, laborers, and warfighters.

‌ Cecilia received her Bachelor’s degree from University of Michigan in Athletic Training in Spring of 2021. During her time at University of Michigan, she worked clinically with a variety of varsity U-M teams. After receiving her undergraduate degree, she worked for Michigan Performance and Research Laboratory as a Research Assistant during the Summer of 2021. Cecilia graduated with her Master's degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science at UCONN in Spring 2023. During her Master's degree, she worked as an Athletic Trainer for the Capitol Region Education Council schools, and as Graduate Research Assistant at KSI. She will remain at UCONN to pursue her Ph.D. beginning in Fall 2023.