On-Site Heat Safety Assessments

HSPC offers heat safety consultation to assist health and safety personnel and employers protect workers from the dangers of heat stress. Our recommended service is an on-site heat safety assessment to ensure your heat stress management plan is effective and specifically tailored to your industry and work environment. 

‌The on-site heat safety assessment includes four parts: 

‌Part 1) Assessment Preparation by HSPC Staff
‌ • Preparation of materials for visit and report 
‌• Review of all heat policy documents and past heat-related injuries/illnesses 

P‌art 2) On-site Assessment:
‌  • Observation of work (1-3 days depending on size of company) 
‌• Interviews with employees and staff 
‌• Physiological monitoring collection and interpretation if desired 
‌• Opening and closing meeting with senior safety and health staff 

‌Part 3) Report of Findings & Recommendations 
‌• SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis and report of findings 
‌• Tailored recommendations to prevent heat stress and corresponding heat strain 
‌• Create (or revise) written heat policy and heat stress management program 
‌• Create plan to implement recommendations (based on timeline outlined by safety personnel)
‌ • Emergency action plan for exertional heat stroke (and other medical emergencies if desired) 
‌• Create (or revise) heat safety educational material

‌  Report is approximately 55 pages long with resources and specific steps to integrate recommendations. 

‌Part 4) Follow up meetings 
‌• Assistance with implementation of plan
‌ • Compliance assistance if requested 
‌• Revise plan depending on evaluation of implementation  

‌Downloadable Version Below!

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