Heat Safety Plan Review

HSPC is fully equipped to review your current heat safety procedures and policies and provide recommendations to enhance heat safety. These recommendations will be tailored to your specific work environment and will work to: (1) follow current best practices for heat safety, (2) limit interruptions to your standard work procedures, (3) recommend feasible, cost effective solutions, and (4) reduce financial losses associated with heat stress (i.e., promote health and safety AND productivity). ‌

‌If you do not have a heat safety plan in place, HSPC will create one for you based on your work environment, worker characteristics, and the physical demands of the job. ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌
‌We can also review or create your emergency action plan (EAP) for exertional heat stroke to ensure your worksite is prepared to perform the appropriate steps to have a worker succumbing to exertional heat stroke.