Meredith McQuerry


Dr. Meredith McQuerry is an Associate Professor of Textile Science and Director of the ThermaNOLE Comfort Lab™ and Textile Testing Lab at Florida State University. Her area of expertise is in clothing comfort physiology, centered around reducing heat stress in personal protective clothing and equipment. Dr. McQuerry has worked with every major structural firefighting PPE manufacturer in the U.S. along with wildland firefighting, sports performance, and occupational PPE. At the center of her research is how protective clothing impacts human performance from ergonomic mobility to thermal comfort to safety and protection. She has received funding from FEMA's Assistance to Firefighter's Grant program to further explore these issues for female firefighters, specifically. Her work has been published in multiple academic journals including Applied Ergonomics, the American Journal of Infection Control, Fire Technology, and the Textile Research Journal, among others.